What Employer and Employees Need To Know About Cell Phone Monitoring

There are many good reasons why an employer would want to monitor the cell phone usage of their employees. They may want to make sure employees aren’t wasting time browsing Facebook when they should be reaching out to clients, finishing paperwork or completing any of their other responsibilities. They may want to spy on text messages to make sure employees aren’t texting and driving, or that they aren’t sharing personal company information with outsiders. Using a cell phone monitoring software to spy on text messages can help get employers the information on the people who are working or them. There are a few things that both employers and employees need to know about cell phone monitoring software that can make the procedure a little less awkward.

First of all, employers are allowed to spy on your phone; your work phone, that is. As long as they own the phone, they have full right to monitor and view all activity that happens on that device. It may not be fun to know they’re watching your every move, but if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. They can monitor every computer, cell phone, and tablet that they own.

Employees need to know that they have the right to be informed if there is cell phone monitoring software on their devices. Most employers will put it somewhere in the contract, so it is important for employees to read carefully through all contracts and binding documents.

The most common sense advice for employees who think/know their devices are being monitored is to use work phone for work, and personal phones for personal business. Don’t check personal emails on work time, don’t take selfies at your desk and upload it to Instagram, don’t tweet or text or Snapchat while you’re working. Not only is it irresponsible and disrespectful, it’s a very good cause for termination. And if you think deleting the emails or browser history will keep your boss from knowing what you are up to, think again. Software made to spy on text messages can see old texts, emails, and browser history even if it has been deleted. The best method is to just focus on work and not risk the consequences that come from sneaky, on the job behavior.

Employers should be upfront with employees about their expectations for behavior at work. Being proactive instead of reactive can help solve problems before they happen. If a quick text here and there is acceptable, let them know. If you have a zero tolerance policy for personal business conducted on the clock, let them know that too. This way, you will avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions and not waste time with tedious disciplinary procedures.

Employees aren’t crazy about the fact that their employers are able to spy on their text messages, and most employers don’t love the fact that personal business conducted on work devices results in low productivity and loss of company money. When employees follow company protocol and don’t conduct personal business at work, the fact that they are being monitored becomes irrelevant. When employees follow the rules, productivity increases and employers are satisfied and the work environment improves. The cell phone monitoring software is a win-win for everyone.